#1 Frag your Dear Ones

Your are into reefing for a while and your coral are thriving and growing out your tank?

What´s more fun than making some nice frags of your coral and offer them other reefing enthusiasts? Not too much – so let´s do it!

#2 Setup a farmer Account

In order to offer your coral to the community you need to register as a Farmer. (Seller account)

This way you get access to the Community Corals Seller Dashboard, create your own shop for which you can set some details like your own banner etc. Once the Shop is setup you need to maintain your shipping options and prices. 

# 3 Create a “Product”

With the Farmer-Account you can now offer your frags to your customers. Make some nice WYSIWYG-Pictures of your frags and put in a nice descriptions that helps your customer to find and identify the coral.

Be sure you are properly prepared for shipping your frags. You need a styrofoam box, heatpacks etc. A good packaging is the most important aspect of your coral business. No customer will accept broken or even dead corals on arrival.

#4 Receive your first order

Congratulations! A customer placed an order for your frags. You will receive an order mail which will provide the delivery date and the address you need to ship to.

The customer will receive your payment details and pays the order directly to your paypal or bank account.

#5 Print a shipping Label

If you do not have a shipping contract you can utilize the prefered shipyyouraquarics.com rated negotiated by CommunityCorals. Just sign up and use CommunityCorals50 coupon code. Read https://communitycorals-us.com/sell-via-communitycorals-ship-via-shipyouraquatics/


One day before the delivery date you ship your coral. The shipment will arrive at the required date at your customer.

Great job. You have a happy customer enjoying your frags, you got in touch with other reef ethusiasts made some bugs and protected the natural reefs.

You are now a member of CommunityCorals –  Next Generation Reefing!

Coral sales

Interested to become a Farmer ? Than Register as Farmer  And no worries – there are no fees or costs involved in selling frags with CommunityCorals.

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