In the following, I would like to recommend a few Youtube videos that give a lot of information about the subject of coral propagation and fragging.

How to: Coral Propagation for Profit

Video from BRS-TV answering the following questions:

  • Why a separate pool as a question tank makes sense
  • Why the hobby of seawater aquaristics really starts with the aspect of coral breeding?
  • What are the challenges of selling coral reefers? – The video is from the time before CommunityCorals ;-

Click here for the video:

Anemone Fragging Time | How to Tuesday

In this interesting video about the topic of tfragging anemones you find out:

  • Why, in particular, the propagation of anemones has a great ecological advantage for the preservation of the natural living environment in the reef.
  • What must be considered when setting up an anemone tank
  • How to share an anemone and why this seems brutal at first sight but actually corresponds to the natural propagation of anemones

Click here for the video:

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