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Baked Reef Aquaculture

528 West Montgomery Street, Francesville, Indiana United States (US) - 47946

Shipping Policy

Shipping via Fedex Priority Next Day (10:30AM where available)

Refund Policy

Refunds will be in the form of credit with Baked Reef Aquaculture for future orders.  Refunds do not include shipping costs.  

Refunds will ONLY be issued if the coral(s) are DOA and the DOA terms have been kept.

DOA Policy:

If your coral clones are dead on arrival (DOA).  Take a picture of the corals within 2 hrs of delivery in the shipping container.  Email pics within 2 hrs to woodwards2009@gmail.com

Baked Reef Aquaculture cannot be responsible for lost or damaged boxes or DOA corals due to shipping problems outside of our control and these are disqualified from DOA policy.

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