CommunityCorals is a marketplace for aquacultured corals. CommunityCorals is a platform where coral farmers are joined by hobbyists looking to purchase new corals. Farmers can enjoy their passion, propagating corals to sell, ensuring the survival of coral species for the next generation in home aquariums. This is what we call “Next Generation Reefing”.

At CommunityCorals reef hobbyists find a huge range of aquacultured coral frags at a fair price.

CommunityCorals supports people that propagate corals with an e-commerce platform that provides customers a great shopping experience. This way our Farmers can reach a huge number of people interested in coral frags.

It´s just  a new way to enjoy the hobby!

Each CommunityCoral has the chance to become preserved forever through the sale on CommunityCorals.

As coral reefs continue to suffer heavy losses, home aquariums may be the only place these animals have left in the world until waters cool or there is a scientific breakthrough to safely reintroduce corals to the wild.

Each frag has the exact same genes as its parent, so it’s a clone. If we distribute these clones throughout the community, the number of frags can grow exponentially.  As long as one tank has a surviving frag of that coral, it can always be regrown to someday return to the reef if needed. It’s like an insurance policy!

Corals that are grown in a completely manmade environment are known as aquacultured. There is debate for the exact qualifications but some common check marks for a piece to be considered aquacultured is for several months or years in captivity, and multiple polyps grown from the original “wild colony” which could be a single polyp of zoanthid or a giant acropora colony.

Mariculture is human assisted coral growth in the ocean. This is where coral farmers along the coast keep corals in specific areas that are controlled and sourced from. Kind of like a crop field that you can harvest.

Propagation is when a coral is divided into multiple pieces from the original. This is also known as “Fragging”. If you have a giant colony of SPS and break off a 1 inch piece to glue to a new frag plug, this is propagation.  

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The payment will be issued directly to the Farmer. Once the order is placed you will receive the vendors payment details for paypal and bank transfer payments. 

Shipping rates are offered by the Farmers. We support Farmers wherever we can to provide best possible shipping rates.


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