What is CommunityCorals?

CommunityCorals is a marketplace for aquacultured corals. CommunityCorals is a platform where coral farmers are joined by reef hobbiests that are aware of the condition of the natural reef. Together they enjoy their passion and propagate corals to ensure the survival of coral species for the next generation. This is what we call “Next Generation Reefing”.

At CommunityCorals reef hobbiests find a huge range of aquacultured coral frags at a fair price.

CommunityCorals supports people that propagate corals (Or that plan to do so) with an e-commerce platform that provides customers a great shopping experience. This way our Farmers can reach a huge number of people interested in coral frags.

It´s just  a new way to enjoy the hobby!

Why Next Generation Reefing?

Each CommunityCoral has the chance to become immortal through the sale on CommunityCorals.

Sounds crazy – but that’s how our coral friends are.

Each frag has the exact same genes as its parent, so it’s a clone. If we distribute these genes within the community, the number of frags will grow exponentially and our frags genes will still exist in 100, 300 or even 1000 years. (The new aquarium technology will certainly please our frag :D)

And who knows, maybe our frag will make it back to the reef, if mankind from the future allow it ..

What is the definition of a aquacultured / propagated coral?

By a minimum, we refer to a aquacultured / propagated coral if the mass of the parent coral after fragmentation is smaller than it has been when it was received.

The mass grown in the aquarium therefore, according to our definition, counts as a aquacultured coral.

These are the minimum requirements that we make for frags that are sold on CommunityCorals, but we believe that even when such a piece is sold, it has already helped protect the reefs and the animal is used to the environment of the aquarium.

Our vision is to trade corals between members of CommunityCorals for many generations, thereby helping to protect reefs and species conservation.

How do I become a CommunityCorals-Farmer?

If you want to register for selling your frags just click HERE

More information about selling your frags can be found HERE

How is the process for selling coral at CommunityCorals?

You can find a “short” description HERE.

Even shorter:

  • You create a “product”
  • You receive an order
  • You get a shipping label
  • You carry your delivery to the next UPS Access Point
  • You get a deposit on your account!

If there are any open questions please contact me at [email protected] or on twitter @CommunityCorals.


How are payments managed?

The payment will be issued directly to the Farmer. Once the order is placed you will receive the vendors payment details for paypal and bank transfer payments. 

How much are shippments?

Shipping rates are offered by the Farmers. We support Farmers wherever we can to provide best possible shipping rates.


What if I have further questions?

Please contact us via mail [email protected] or social @CommunityCorals